Monday, 19 January 2015

Double the binary tree with the example in C++

Double the binary tree with the example in Cpp:

For each node in a binary search tree, create a new duplicate node, and insert the duplicate as the left child of the original node.
The resulting tree should still be a binary search tree.

See the below sample tree
Sample tree

 After doubling the tree the result is

Double the tree

As we saw the mirror of the tree wich is implemented without changing the root node pointer, similarly this can be accomplished.

The Function prototype is

 void doubleTree(struct pstNode* pstTempNode)

void doubleTree(struct pstNode* pstTempNode)

struct pstNode* oldLeftNode;
if (pstTempNode==NULL)
  // do the subtrees
  doubleTree (pstTempNode->left);
  doubleTree (pstTempNode->right);
  // duplicate this pstTempNode to its left
  oldLeftNode = pstTempNode->left;
  pstTempNode->left = CreateNode (pstTempNode->data);
  pstTempNode->left->left = oldLeftNode;

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